Art Gallery in Norah Head

A special feature of the restaurant is its fortnightly exhibitions of a variety of Visual Artists from the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle, our very own art gallery in Norah Head.

The work ranges from traditional to abstract and offers the artists a chance to display their skills and creative talents to a wide audience throughout the two weeks of the exhibition.

We now offer an opening night, special low cost, two course ‘Art Night Dinner Menu’ to follow the opening.

All works on show are for sale and offer the diners an ever changing variety of different art to look at whilst partaking of their favourite menu selection.


Interested artists wanting an exhibition contact Chris on

02 43551295

Artist’s Web Links.






Bernd Jankowiak. Tues. 18th.Sept. to Sun. 30th. Sept. Paintings

Elsie Winkel. Tues 2nd. Oct. to sun 14th. Oct.  paintings.

Jill Connell and Family. Tues. 16th. Oct to Sun. 28th. Oct. Paintings and Photos. 

Shorethyme’s Theme Show Exhibition. Tues. 30th. Oct. to Sun. 11th. Nov.  Paintings. 

Eleanor Hanson.  Tues. 13th. Nov. to Sun. 25th. Nov. Paintings. 

Tania Smith and Friends. Tues. 27th. Nov. to Sun. 9th. Dec. Paintings.   

Mary Cottam. Tues.  11th. Dec. to Sun. 23rd. Dec. Paintings.


To be continued……..       







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